Exotiska växter i Skandinavien

Svar: Fargesia "Well born bamboo Africa"

Jag är lite sugen men har inte testat än...men verkar intressant när man läser om de olika sorterna.
Såhär står det hos Kimmei...

Fargesia murieliae Between 1990 and 2000 almost all the plants has flowered. Because Fargesia murieliae outside China was represented by only one clone, there were only seed formed by self-pollination. Due to this it has been difficult to find good and strong plants between the seedlings. Finally there are some reasonable selections, but not one has the vitality and vigor of the mother plant.
The following 4 varieties come from seed collected in the wild in Shennongija in China and are being tested. These are much stronger and less sensible to diseases than the offspring of the Fargesia murieliae that was growing in Europe and are also less susceptible to mealybugs.
●Fargesia murieliae 'Evergreen' (seedling Shennongjija)
●Fargesia murieliae 'Blue Lizard' (picture above right) (seedling Shennongjija, before named 'Blue Dragon')
●Fargesia murieliae 'Dragon King' (seedling
●Fargesia murieliae 'Red Zebra' (picture above right) (seedling Shennongjija, before named 'Purple Dragon' )
-murieliae 'Bimbo' (picture above left) Not in our sortiment anymore, too sensitive for diseases.
Also out of my collection: Almost all the seedlings of Fargesia murieliae, which have many weak features through self-pollination, we no longer have in our assortment. There is now a large choice of much better Fargesias.

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